Get Moving With VANELi Ladies Sport Shoes

Get moving with VANELi’s latest collection of ladies sport shoes which are the ideal shoes for comfort, style, and fit. With a wide selection of styles, patterns, sizes, and widths VANELi’s ladies sport shoes will boost your walking motivation and provide you with lasting comfort while remaining as stylish and trendy as ever! While these shoes are not made for running, they are the perfect shoe for running errands, leisure strolls, and strutting across town! Often we ditch comfort for style and are left with sore and throbbing feet after a long day of moving about. However, with VANELi’s ladies sport shoes you never have to worry about this again. Here are some stylish shoes along with activity tips to keep you active throughout the summer!



VANELi Coyle Sneaker

This trendy white sneaker is a must this summer. This is a breathable perforated leather shoe with thick padding that will provide you with lasting comfort all day long. This summer staple matches with pretty much everything allowing it to be the ideal grab-and-go shoe. Wear this shoe more casually when doing a quick run to the grocery store or wear it when you’re out for dinner with your friends or family. 


Get Moving Activity Idea: 

Wear your VANELi COYLEs as you and your family take your bikes for a ride through the park. Pack a picnic and enjoy the summer sunshine. These trendy ladies sport shoes will provide you with comfort as you get moving with your family.



VANELi Quelly Sneaker

Just as every gal needs her classic white sneaker, she needs her go-to black ladies sport shoe as well. This perforated pearlized leather sneaker is basic enough to match with a variety of outfits and looks while also maintaining some pizazz with the snake print heel detailing and the wide vamp strap. This shoe would be ideal to wear for more adventurous excursions that you do to boost your walking motivation. The VANELi QUELLY can be dressed up with some white jeans and a nice blouse or dressed down with some yoga pants and a tank top. Either way, these ladies sport shoes are the perfect complement to any look.


Get Moving Activity Idea: 

Wear your VANELi QUELLYs on your afternoon walk. For walking motivation go to the nearest nature preserve and walk along a curated trail. Get moving in these sneakers and take a moment to enjoy the wondrous nature around you!



VANELi Yarol Sneaker

Feel bold in the VANELi YAROL on your next adventure. This pieced calf hair leather sneaker features bold and trendy prints while also providing you amazing comfort with its one-inch padded sole. These shoes will get you moving because you will be so excited to show them off to everyone on the streets! Dress them up or down, it does not matter because you will be catching attention with these stunning ladies sports shoes.


Get Moving Activity Idea: 

These shoes have got to be on display. Invite your gals for a day of fun in the city, an activity that is sure to have you get moving again! Walk around the shops, find a new restaurant, and visit someplace you have never been before in your own city. Not only will you learn more about your home but you will be getting great exercise too.



VANELi Quail Sneaker

If you are an on-the-go mom do we have the shoes for you! This fashionably simple sneaker features a suede exterior with a braided rope detailing and satin laces. With ulta-padded and thick soles these sneakers are sure to help keep you on your feet when you are keeping up with your kids. Allow yourself the luxury of fashion with these trendy sneakers and wear them as a walking motivation when you have had a busy day. This sneaker is so versatile that it will coordinate with whatever outfit you choose to help alleviate the stress of picking out shoes. With the VANELi QUAIL, you will always have the comfort of knowing that your feet will feel just as good at the end of the day as they do in the morning.


Get Moving Activity Idea:

Plan a fun day trip to the nearest lake or river with your friends and family. Take a stroll along the banks and breathe in the fresh air and take in the beautiful view of nature. Toss a frisbee with your kid or do a challenge for who can find the prettiest flower. Do anything that brings you joy at this beautiful spot and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy some outdoor activities.


VANELi: Get Moving Today

These are just a few of the many trendy ladies sports shoes that we have available online that are guaranteed to get you moving! If these were not quite the right fit for you, do not fear, we have many more sizes, widths, and designs there is sure to be at least one pair that suits your personality and needs! Check out our website and shop our most comfortable ladies sports shoes to get you moving! When you shop with VANELi, you will never need to worry about finding a shoe that fits because we are committed to supplying a variety of shapes and sizes so that everyone can find their perfect shoe. We are confident that you will always find your fit when you shop at VANELi and most importantly you will never have to worry about uncomfortable shoes again. We promise.