What Do I Do If I Have Different Sized Feet?

If you’ve bought shoes that feel comfortable in one foot, and either loose or too tight in the other foot, it’s possible that you have two different sized feet. If you suspect you have different sized feet, you are certainly not alone. While this may come as a surprise, nearly 60% of the population have different sized feet according to the Brannock Device, which is a standard foot measuring tool for the world’s footwear industry. Of those who have different sized feet, about 80% have a larger left foot than their right foot.


When it comes to finding comfortable-fitting shoes, many of us have a challenge as it is. But when your feet are two different sizes, the pursuit for decent-fitting shoes can be even more of a struggle, verging on brink of impossible. The difference in foot size can either be minimal or more significant depending on the person, and there are solutions and hacks available to make shoes fit more comfortably depending on the size difference in your feet. As experts in specialty foot width and sizes, our team at VANELi put together a guide on what to do if you have different sized feet and the options available to you.


Solution #1: Buy Adjustable Shoes

If the difference in your feet sizes is small, the best option will be to buy shoes that have adjustable elements such as buckles, Velcro, elastic, or clasps so you can easily customize the size of the shoe to match each foot. One shoe style that will become your best friend are adjustable sandals. Sandals that come with adjustable straps are a great option for people with different sized feet, because they give you the ability to slightly change the size of each shoe to fit the two sizes. VANELi’s Taletha is a great choice, because this classic t-strap sandal comes with adjustable buckles not only on the ankle, but on the upper toes as well ensuring a secure fit all around for each foot size.

Another option of shoe that would best fit you would be athleisure sneakers that have elastic elements to stretch to each foot size. VANELi’s Okal, for instance, is a slip-on sneaker that’s extremely lightweight with elastic gussets on each side of the allowing for a comfortable fit for different feet sizes.


Solution #2: Adjust Using Insoles

Sometimes if there is little difference between your foot sizes, you can accommodate for the different sizes by adding or removing insoles. This is typically a good option if there is only a half size difference between foot sizes. If you buy shoes to fit the larger foot, an insole can be added to the smaller foot’s shoe to accommodate for the extra space. Insoles come in a variety of thicknesses, so you can find the right sized insole to fit the extra space in the shoe.


As a leader in specialty shoe sizes, VANELi actually offers free insoles to customers if they need adjustments. For example, fully padded insoles are offered as well as insoles for the ball or heel of a foot for extra comfort and fit for feet that need some extra support. Additionally, pads are offered that can go on the vamp of a shoe for a more secure fit. The best part? These insoles are free with a VANELi purchase at any Marmi retail store!


If you already have a pair of shoes that more so fits the smaller sized foot, you can always try removing an insole from the larger shoe to allow for more space as well.


Solution #3: Buy Different Sized Shoes

It is very rare that feet are sized so extreme to the point where someone needs to buy two different sized shoes. Even if your foot is one full size larger than the other, it still is not a big enough difference to buy two different sized shoes. This means that if one of your feet is half a size longer, you do not need to buy different sized shoes – simply fit the shoes to the larger foot. For example, if your left foot is a size 9 and your right foot is a size 8.5 or one width size is a medium and the other is wide, it’s not necessary to buy different size shoes. To put it in perspective, the difference between each full size is 1/3 of an inch and the difference between widths is 1/8 of an inch, so even if your feet are one ½ size apart, it should be fine.


It is only when your feet are 1.5 size longer than the other when you will have to buy different sized shoes.


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