Vacation Shoes: What Do You Really Need To Bring?

There’s more talk than ever about international “revenge travel” as tourism spikes despite the increasing travel costs and rocketing gas prices. People have been itching for a vacation for the past two years and every seasoned traveler knows that you need to have options for vacation shoes if you want a complete outfit.

Depending on where you go, how long you’ll be gone, and whether or not you’re planning to bring back souvenirs, will determine your luggage space. Luggage space will, in turn, determine or limit how many shoes to bring on vacation

Whether you’re planning a summer vacation, preparing for a fall vacation, or just want some top picks for vacation shoes, we’ve got you covered! Let’s take a look at the kinds of options you should consider when packing for a trip!

Going Back to Basics

Before we jump into our top picks, let’s address the first thing you’ll be doing in shoes: walking. Finding the best vacation shoes for your trip starts with asking yourself “what are the most comfortable walking shoes?”

No matter what you choose, you’ll most likely have to walk around at some point so we recommend comfortable walking shoes to start your trip. Whether it be walking around an airport or walking around a pit stop on a road trip, starting the vacation wearing comfortable shoes can set the tone for your trip. That being said, nothing says walking comfort louder than the VANELi Yeela! These cute floral embroidered canvas shoes feature a distinctly eye-catching design with a leather toe cap. 

These shoes are built for comfort and to make your friends jealous. The insole is designed to be soft with good support so you can walk in them all day!

How Many Shoes is Too Many?

Now that you’ve decided on your walking shoes, you’re probably going to need to know how many shoes to bring to a vacation. Most women tend to overpack when going on vacation and the answer varies from person to person. The typical range for an American traveler is four to five, some ladies reportedly pack at least eight pairs of shoes for a week-long trip.

While it’s good to have options, we think that eight pairs might be a little bit of overkill (no offense to those ladies bringing in 8+ pairs for a week-long trip). Let’s stick with the average of four to five pairs for a week-long trip, it’s important to have options but eight is a little excessive… Here are our picks!

Must-Have for Beach Bound Vacationer

The VANELi Chila in chambray and white will turn heads on the beach, pool, or really anywhere you choose. These double band cork wedge sandals are electrifying and can be paired with dresses, beach covers, jeans, you name it!

These are vacation shoes that are really a versatile option that will keep your feet comfortable which means you can spend less time sitting around and more time taking in all the sights.

Shoes for the Chic City Chicks

If you’re an urban enthusiast visiting a new city, then you’ll definitely need comfortable walking shoes. Remember the VANELi Yeela? Yeah, those are great but on the off chance that you need good and comfortable sneakers that don’t have a cute floral print on them, then the VANELi Yora is the next-best option. 

These shoes are designed for comfort and feature perforated leather to keep your feet from getting too toasty as you engage in urban exploration.

Feeling the Flats

Now that we’ve covered the casual urban explorer option and the stylish beach option, you’re going to need an all-around trusty cute option. Casual flats are a must-have in your arsenal of cute footwear. The added bonus is that they’re typically smaller and lightweight so you can save on luggage space and weight. Save that extra luggage space for a souvenir or extra tops! The VANELi Serene is classic with a quilted leather pattern.

These flats also pair well with casual outfits and can go with dresses, jeans, skirts, you name it. The color options are plentiful but you can never go wrong with black!

Heels You Won’t Regret

Let’s be honest, we’ve all worn heels at the beginning of the night thinking that we can power through the pain until the sunrise… but why should we? With the VANELi Mayda, you can really have it all! 

The sexy style of the 2-and-a-half-inch heeled sandal adorned with pyramid studs is enough to give you the extra height but the wide base makes it easier on your feet for a long night out.

Less is More

How many shoes to bring on vacation? Say it with me, four is plenty! If you take four pairs and think you need more, then you can always take a minute to shop for new shoes when you’re away from home! That way, you’ll have unique shoes that you wouldn’t normally get from your local area.

Let’s recap: when packing for vacation shoes, it’s important to remember that you’ll probably be walking at some point in your trip! Ask yourself “what are the most comfortable walking shoes?” and be sure to add the pair that comes to mind to your list. For more great and trendy shoes, shop at VANELi Shoes! Even if you’re not going on vacation, we have the styles for you. Who knows, maybe you can put your amazing shoes to use this 2022.