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How to Make Wide Shoes Fit Narrow Feet

How to Make Wide Shoes Fit Narrow Feet

Most people know their shoe size, but that magic number really only addresses the length of your feet. If you’ve ever bought shoes because they look nice without taking the time to test them out in the store, you may have found them to be too big or too wide, ending up in pain or discomfort when you take them home and wear them around.


Although the best way to fit narrow feet is to buy specialty slim or narrow shoes, but there are a few methods to make regular shoes fit better for narrow feet.


How to Tell if Your Shoes are Too Wide

When you’re in a shoes style trying on style, put on the shoes and lace them fully (if they have laces). If the shoes only fit your feet when you cinch the laces or the shoelace panels overlap at the bridge of the foot, then shoes are too wide.


When you are trying on shoes, be sure to take time to walk around in them. Feel for if your feet are sliding backward and forward or from side to side as you walk. If you have to curl your toes while walking to keep the shoes from slipping and sliding around, the shoes are definitely either too big or too wide.


If you are trying on heels or pumps and your feet slip out of the shoes when you walk or you see gaps between the side of the shoe and your foot, the shoes are too wide.


Another way to tell if shoes are too big is to feel for the side gaps in the shoe while seated. If you are able to compress the sides inward, then the shoe is too wide.


Tips To Make Shoes Fit for Narrow Feet


If you find the perfect pair of shoes that you fell in love with, but you are a little discouraged because they do not come in narrow width, there are a few options to make them fit better temporarily. Although the best thing to do to fit narrow feet is to buy narrow width shoes, there are a few other techniques you can try to get regular shoes to fit your narrow width foot. If you have narrow feet, try following these suggestions to reduce irritation and pain with your normal width shoes.


The first technique you can try is purchase a cushioned insole that can insert into your shoes. You want to make sure that the insole offers heel, arch, or shock support depending on your particular foot size and shape. A well cushioned insole will not only add support to your feet and joints but will also fit snuggly inside your shoe to help reduce overall friction. Another benefit to an insole is that it is typically designed to help stabilize your foot, reducing slipping and sliding within the shoe. When you buy shoes at Marmi Shoes, they offer a free insole to make shoes fit more comfortably if a customer needs additional support.


Another method that can help your shoes fit better if you have narrow feet, is the way you lace your shoes if they have shoe strings. If your shoes have two sets of eyelets on each side, always try to lace through the ones furthest from the tongue. This helps to close both sides of the shoe together more tightly over the bridge of the foot.


Purchasing Narrow Shoes

Although there are a number of techniques you can try to make regular shoes fit to narrow feet, the number one best thing you can do is purchase narrow shoes. Narrow shoes are designed to properly fit narrow widths to provide support and comfort in all of you daily activities so you can say goodbye to foot pain and discomfort forever.


As a leader in the specialty shoe sizes, VANELi proudly offers a wide range of shoes to accommodate women with narrow width feet, offering styles ranging from sandals to dress shoes, to athleisure, to flats and so much more. Below are some of our favorite narrow shoes for women that provide extreme comfort and style!