Best Walking Shoes for Narrow Feet

Whether it’s walking the dog, running errands, or just trying to hit your step goal on your fitness tracker, we all have to get around!  However, finding shoes that can accommodate all that mobility while looking fashionable and keeping your feet comfortable can be challenging.  This challenge becomes even more complicated if you have narrow feet.


Ill-fitting shoes can make what should be a relaxing walk into a whole afternoon of sore feet.  When you go to a store to try and find shoes that can accommodate all your feet’s needs you will often find the selection limited.  VANELi is a brand dedicated to making stylish and comfortable footwear that accommodates everyone’s needs.  In this article, we will look at the best walking shoes for narrow feet (approved and beloved by our narrow shoes customers!).


Our Top Picks for the Best Walking Shoes for Narrow Feet


VANELi Onella

One of our favorite narrow shoes for walking is the VANELi Onella.  This shoe has a padded insole and a mesh that allows for breathability and comfort without detracting from the stylish look of theshoe.  The shoes are made from mostly suede and patent leather and feature an of-the-moment white foam bottom with contrast purple traction pads.

The micro-stones and color block details add interest to the shoe while remaining so comfortable you’d be happy wearing walking around all day, but cute enough to justify taking the dogs around the block one more time.  This shoe comes in light grey, navy and dark wine red.



VANELi Oneida

Another option for a great narrow walking shoe is the Vaneli Oneida.  This shoe is great for being mobile while staying comfortable, because they are so lightweight!  This sneaker comes in a velvety suede with a slight metallic shine to it.  These shoes have matching laces which allow for a customized, secured fit (especially important for feet that are narrower).

These shoes are also wonderful because they have foam insoles to support you.  Another benefit of these shoes is that they have traction pads on them so if you get on the rain or surprised by a wet floor, you will have the upper hand!  These shoes come in black and taupe, neutral enough to match all your casual outfits.


VANELi Oldys

If laces aren’t your thing and you love shoes that can just slip on but still provide maximum foot support, look no further than the VANELi Oldys.  These narrow walking shoes are slip-ons made of stretch fabric with an adjustable hook and loop strap with jewel embellishments. There’s also a soft insole with a flexible rubber bottom  so you can sport these all day long. The VANELi Oldys comes in black/red/pink and black/navy/blue combo, just in time to brighten all your casual spring outfits!


VANELi Yorga

Another one of our non-lace favorites is the sporty and cool VANELi Yorga.  This is a slip-on sneaker that has all the elements of comfort anyone worried about walking for long periods of time could hope for!

Made of a stretchy neoprene with patent leather side detailing, these sneakers look as good as they feel. They have a super soft insole with extra padding, a midsole, and a rubber bottom sole for maximum foot comfort. These shoes come in navy, black and silver.  Still, the most impressive thing about these cute shoes is that they come in widths specifically for narrow feet (as do all the other styles listed here)!